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Reflex-like structures have developed, responding more quickly than the mental custodians in the cerebrum. This gives an emotional reaction a certain advantage over the more slowly generated ideas we create about ourselves and the world around us. His advantage is conferred thanks to the authenticity of the olfactory resonance.

Our preference for a certain fragrance should be perceived as an expression of the body signaling a need for the qualities inherent therein. This instinctive center reacts with the greatest speed. The very first perceptible impulse comes from this source. Whenever we receive a clearly positive resonance from the instinctive center we can place our trust in that fragrance. It will support us and provide assistance in regulating imbalanced states. In effect we are open to the helpful inclination of this plant soul. To the same degree a reaction of not liking or rejecting a fragrance implies the opposite.

So we can see that the individual reaction to an incense fragrance must be the expression of an inner disposition, willingness or not to open up to the characteristics of this fragrance. What makes the difference is a profound connection with the essence of the aromatic plant to which we are or are not open. Being open to it, that is, being able to admit the impression shows a willingness to accept the regulatory impulses of the plant. We open ourselves to the power of the plant, welcome it and allow it to have its beneficial effect on our being. Choose only those smells that cause your heart to sing, this way you can’t go wrong. Once you begin to discover the path of fragrance you also find yourself attracted to those aromas which represent a certain mystery to you because you some- how appear to be denied access to them. You must find the key to them.

It connects indirectly with the search for self. Everything that serves to dissolve tensions is supportive of life and brings us closer to love. It is interesting to note that regularly using pleasing incense creates exactly that effect because its regulating impulse harmonizes and stabilizes body, mind and soul. This effect of incense burning may be quite clearly perceived. We become more and more capable of opening up. Energy begins to flow freely and strength is created. This usually means a greater acceptance of incense that initially seemed unpleasant. A growing harmony develops within. The exact nature of our experience when we expose ourselves to the fragrances of incense therefore varies considerably.

On the one hand it depends on our state of mind, on the other however; it also depends on our intention in burning incense in the first place. Whatever it is that I would like to discover, whatever problem I want to solve or even whichever occasion I would like to celebrate exerts a strong influence on the effectiveness of the incense burning. Burning incense always creates a connection to the subtle levels, consequently carrying whatever concerns us into higher dimensions from where support and fulfillment seem to come. Prayers and good wishes are transported into other worldly realms where they allow the true intention of the person burning the incense to unfold. In doing so we enter the metaphysical realm of the creative force from where all manifestations originate.

Incense Burning rituals are performed for Cleansing, clearing, sensuality, eroticism, moment and stillness, harmony and joy of creativity, meditation and relaxation, protection and help, wisdom and healing, strength and courage to face life situations, reinforce energy and transformation.

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