Fragrances of the Aromatic plant substances can be diffused in a variety of methods depending on the nature of the substance. Fragrance is generally diffused off the substance by application of heat; Depending on the type of heating method adopted – relevant utensils must to be integrated with the ritual.  The age old way is with a coal.

The nature of coal to burn almost with no smoke is best to use with aromatic substances as it avoid any interference in fragrance. Choose natural coal / magic hukka coal/ incense coal cup/charcoal cubes with no inherent fragrance or smoke. Each of the types of coal varies from ease of use to providing most clean source of heat for the fragrant substances to burn. Kindly check our products section for the available coal and their description.


While we use Coal for diffusing, – Red Clay earthen ware is the most recommended after which comes copper with enough insulation followed by brass utensils. The utensil used for placing the red hot lit coal is also referred to as “Dhoopdani”. One can choose the size of the dhoopdani as per the safety, nature of practice, ease of use and aesthetic value. You can check for some on our products section.

methods resins

Another efficient way of diffusing is by a variable electric diffuser (Bakhoordani). It is best used for indoors and it emits smokeless fumes of fragrance. The thermostat of the electric diffuse-r can be used to modulate the heat and subsequently the intensity of the experience. One is recommended to wrap high grade aluminum foil on the incense plate and then put resins on the incense plate. Frankincense mixed with non-wax camphor is one of the combinations that go best by this method.

One of the more recent heating products available online are Kapoor Danis. Kapoor Dani is an electric Camphor diffuser. Since it is an electric Burner it produces less smoke. Plug in the diffuser place the camphor on the metal plate, switch it on for 3-5 minutes until u see white camphor fumes. The room will be full of the refreshing Camphor aroma. These camphor fumes help in keeping away mosquitoes.

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