Electric Variable Dhoopdani

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Automatic Variable Electric Incense Burner or Diffuser is device with variable heat setting knob and a thermostat comes with a steel plate on which we can put fragrant substances. This burner is extremely versatile; and is great for burning incense resin, powder, bakhoor, Wood chips, herbs, oils, camphor and even flowers. This is ideal for Home, Office, Hallway, Living Room and other closed or air-conditioned spaces.

Temp range :

Low : – Aroma Oil and mosquito mat.

Medium : Frankincense, Dammar and other Resins.

High : Agarwood, Sandalwood, Cedar wood and other fragrant woods.

Directions of use : Wrap the steel plate with aluminium foil if the substance is oil or resin. Place the ingredients on the stainless Steel plate on the burner.  Set the Thermostat temperature as per the substance added on the plate on the diffuser.

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